www.2vcl.cn Direct Sales

浙江快乐12玩法 www.2vcl.cn www.2vcl.cn’s direct sales model is based on www.2vcl.cn sourcing products directly from brands and suppliers and selling them directly to customers through the company’s website and mobile channels. It is open to well-established reputable brands and merchants with operations in China.

For more information about www.2vcl.cn’s direct sales platform, please visit

www.2vcl.cn Marketplace

www.2vcl.cn’s marketplace platform enables well-established, reliable third-party sellers to sell products directly to customers via the www.2vcl.cn website and mobile channels. Approved sellers may also use www.2vcl.cn’s industry-leading fulfillment infrastructure, marketing and customer targeting services, financing, and other value added services. The marketplace platform was launched in October 2010 to broaden the selection of products available on the platform and further enrich the customer experience.

For more information about www.2vcl.cn’s marketplace, please visit

www.2vcl.cn Worldwide

JD Worldwide is www.2vcl.cn’s cross-border e-commerce platform and enables Chinese customers to purchase products from other countries with the ease and convenience that they expect from www.2vcl.cn.

JD Worldwide offers international merchants the ability to tap into the Chinese market even if they do not have a physical presence in China. Leveraging www.2vcl.cn’s partnership with international logistics companies such as DHL, Australia Post, and YAMATO and www.2vcl.cn’s proprietary nationwide logistics network, JD Worldwide provides global shipping and warehousing solutions that ensure products from regions around the world are delivered to the doorsteps of customers in China with ease.

JD Worldwide is open to brands, franchisees, retailers and traders that are legally registered outside China selling products that originate from outside China.

For more information about joining JD Worldwide platform, please email [email protected] or visit the JD Worldwide
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